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Information about the Ethics, Development, and Global Practice Program at Michigan State University

About the Program in Ethics, Development, & Global Practice

Ethics, Development, and Global Practice is a program of Michigan State University’s Department of Philosophy. International development projects raise serious questions concerning desirable models of development, appropriate practices in aid and humanitarian work, fair distribution of resources, acceptable practices of healthcare and education, the proper observation of human rights, responsible stewardship of the natural environment, and the like. Professionals and volunteers also confront dilemmas in their daily activity arising from conflicts between institutional goals, social and economic interests, belief systems and cultural understandings, their own ideals, and practical limitations.

EDGP seeks to provide individuals working in development and international work an opportunity to think in a systematic way about the ethical issues confronting them and develop skills of reasoning and reflection that will enable them to make decisions, solve problems, contribute to discussions, and be teachers in their area of focus. The goals of the program include:

  • Enabling individuals to identify and think broadly, critically and carefully about a variety of vexing and complex issues;
  • Helping individuals to develop their decision-making and problem solving skills from an ethical perspective; and
  • Enhancing students’ abilities to take part in critical discussions with other professionals and become leaders in their fields.

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